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I was in the process of sending you a text message when I realized the complete absurdity of saying everything I want to with only the allotted 160 characters. Add to it, the electronic detachment. I imagine you are the regular mail checker these days (hopefully still an avid recycler) what better surprise than an unexpected letter. I finished this book and it made me desperate to hold onto our friendship- forever! Thinking back and to this day I still hear continually what a mistake I made by not living in the dorms. This being due to the fact that it kept me from meeting a number of people that would ultimately be convenience friends- the friends you have due to circumstance but once separate will never keep in touch with. By some stroke of luck and circumstance we ended up together in that apartment full of randomness (that including the décor). For a time, I was rarely present, but after the breakup- when it was just the two of us there- our collective loneliness forged a friendship/companionship that is comparable to none other. Those nights of Scrubs at 11 PM, or playing in the rain, or best of all making up songs about a truck in the parking lot. (we could have been one-hit wonders, it was a mistake not to record it immediately). These things uncomprehendable(sp) to anyone who wasn’t there. At the time these little moments, just the passing of days and time, but in hindsight those being the greatest moments and some of my absolute favorite of my undergraduate years. (Random memory: Brandon coming to our door to tell me he loved me.) Maybe as I’ve heard quoted- in looking back we romanticize our experiences/memories. The bad long forgotten and the good remembered in a brighter light.

You are going to do GREAT things I know it with 110% certainty. But, knowing this means knowing and accepting the unlikelihood of our separate paths crossing for any considerable amount of time again. One of life’s cruelest jokes: to bring you out of loneliness with friendship only to be left lonelier and with the knowledge of its greatness once it is taken away.

There will always be a void hat cannot be filled. You are one of a kind- one of my kind I guess you could say. The odds have been against me ever since. I have yet to have a better roommate and more importantly a better friend.

All I really need to say, as always, I LOVE you! Thank you so much for the memories and the time we’ve spent together. I hope there are MANY more to come.

<3 Lexi
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