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Wonders of Youth.

There is this fine line between immaturity and youth. It gets confused and maybe I'm wrong, but here's my opinion. This subject came up in a conversation I had not long ago, but the events of this morning really put it into perspective. As far as I knew today was supposed to be 100 degrees out and no rain. To my surprise, my brother tells me to come outside where he's been sitting on the porch reading and watching it rain. I was not about to let such a wonderful opportunity go to waste so I run around, dance, sing, and play in the puddles. I try to convince my brother of the fun he is missing out on, but he didn't want to join in because he had already showered for the day. The excuses one makes to act grown up. I'm sure at 13 we all want to prove how grown up we are and for many lose our youth. We have our entire lives to be grown up, old and bitter. Why be in such a rush to hate life?

So this entire summer, possibly one of my last here at home, I've been trying to show this kid the best sides of life. With plenty of skepticism and hesitation, he is finally starting to reluctantly join in. Watching someone else have all the fun while you sit there thinking about it is not the ideal way of doing things. For a kid who has had to act way beyond his years for months at a time I just feel its important for both of us to just take a step back, forget how old we are supposed to act and enjoy doing the simplest of things. I personally do not think that doing little kid activities makes a person in any way immature. Coloring in coloring books, swinging in the park, playing in the rain, watching the Wizard of Oz... those are all activities I have enjoyed this summer and can remember much more fondly than the moments I had to show my maturity. After a year that really tested me and should have made me a hard, bitter person I have taken these small steps in making sure that is not who I become anytime soon. I also like to pretend, which is very looked down upon by anyone trying to act mature, but with pretending comes imagination and creativity which is essential for some moments of happiness, laughter and pure joy. These things I do, yes, I've been told to grow up and not be so immature but I don't see it that way at all. Sitting around complaining about the things life has handed me and feeling sorry for myself is what I see as being immature. Sometimes we just have to let go. I believe we should just enjoy life while we still can, and in whatever way we can. Maybe doing little kid things is not for you, that's fine as long as there is something that let's you forget for a second how old you are and how much life can suck.

But if you didn't know how old you were, how old would you be? I still pick five. The days when I knew who my best friend was because she shared Barbies with me and watched Bozo the Clown every morning with me and when I thought my parents were these amazing people with no major flaws, and the days when you could do anything and had the possibility to be anything you could imagine. Why not be five again?

I want to share this poem that basically is my take on life...

If I had my life to live over I'd try to make more mistakes next time.
I would relax. I would limber up. I'd be sillier than I have been on this trip.
I know of a very few things I would take seriously.
I would be less hygenic . I would take more chances. I would take more trips.
I would climb more mountains, swim more rivers, and watch more sunsets.
I would burn more gasoline and eat more ice cream and less beans.
I would have actual troubles and fewer imaginary ones.
You see I'm one of those people who lives sensibly and sanely hour after hour, day after day.
Oh, I've had my moments , and if i had my life to live over I'd have more of them, in fact I'd have nothing else just moments one after another instead of living so many years ahead each day.
I've been one of those people who never goes anywhere without a thermometer, hot water bottle, rain coat and parachute.
If i had my life to live over I'd go places and do things and travel lighter than I have.
If I had my life to live over I would start barefoot earlier in the spring and stay that way later in the fall.
I would play hooky more. I wouldn't make such good grades, except by accident.
I'd ride more merry-go-rounds. I'd pick more daisies.


2 songs today because I couldn't decide which fit better. one about making the most of the time we have or one that has been sung during the many swing adventures and has been an escape for me this year.

: I never tried to make the best of my time when I thought I had plenty of it. 'Is this serious. I don't konw what to think. Is it all a lie?' Well one things for sure. I'm taken back to the glory days when were kids without a brash or bitter thing to say... So take a chance and make it big cause its the last you'll ever get : The Academy Is

: I know a shortcut along the stonewall where evergreen soldiers point their branches for a child-like mind, like yours and mine to follow : Jupiter Sunrise
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