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please don't break me

Did you ever realize the similarities in a broken crayon and a broken <3 ??

I am guessing no one else has thought up such a ridiculous thing, but please allow me to explain. (Maybe the crayon element only applies to me, but hear me out)

So you are coloring and it is going great, you are totally enjoying yourself and the moment. Then out of nowhere the crayon breaks in two pieces, the disappointment of it all. The crayon just does not seem to work as well with only one half. It doesn't fit properly in your hand like it previously did. As hard as you try, it is going to let you down. The picture doesn't look as good all because of that crayon :(

So you are in love and enjoying yourself and enjoying the moment. Out of nowhere, it comes to "I think we should break up", your <3 is broken in two pieces. You cannot function the same as you had, because you were so happy and in love, one part of a compelete whole. No matter what, the two can never be the same. As much as you would like it to be the same, it never can and will ultimately let you down. You no longer see life from the same point of view, you see it as a depressing and lonely place now.

(you are thinking wow, where does she come up with this because she is crazy. but at the same time you are amazed at the similarity, but we are not done yet...)

So as disapointing as the crayon breaking was, eventually you can find a new one, or get used to the half that's left. The picture doesn't look any less wonderful because of it either.

As disappointing as the heart break was, eventually you move on and find a new love, or get used to being alone and enjoy it. The world doesn't seem so bad, it still has moments like coloring with crayons to make you :D After you've gotten over the loss, you are still an amazing person, but now armed with great knowledge of yourself and relationships.

: this is a hing that you take and you pull and you find a way to get out of what you got yourself into :
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